December 8, 2023


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New York Recorded Over 150000 COVID-19 Cases

One of our favourite places we visited, New York has recorded over 150000 COVID-19 Cases up to date according to This truly sad as we have friends and family member currently staying in New York City.

covid new york

The exact COVID-19 Cases in New York is 151,171 cases with total deaths of 6,268 with active cases of 130,323. There are total tests of 365,153.

The total COVID-19 Cases in New York exceeded the second highest country with total COVID-19 Cases like Spain (148,220 cases), Italy (139,422 cases), Germany (113,296 cases), France (112,950 cases) and China (81,802 cases) according to

From what we know is there are lack of face mask supplies in New York and we can’t send from Malaysia to USA as there are no flights to United States and Malaysia has banned all export of face masks. The same applies when we tried to send some face masks to our family member and friends in Canada.

Stay strong and stay safe to our friends, families and the everyone in New York and the rest of the world. This is tough times for everyone now. We have plans to revisit New York and we hope to visit this beautiful place when this COVID-19 virus pandemic is over.

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