November 29, 2023


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Real Life Experience at COVID-19 Quarantine Hotel in Malaysia

For Malaysians who are coming back to Malaysia from overseas, they are required to be quarantined in designated Quarantine Centres in Malaysia. Malaysians are not allowed to self quarantine at home and will be escorted from the airport to one of the designated quarantine centres in Malaysia. Most of the quarantine centres are in fact hotels and resorts in Malaysia and we blogged about it two weeks ago at COVID-19 List of Hotels in KL as Quarantine Centres.

covid 19 hotel malaysia
The COVID-19 Quarantine Hotel

We have a few friends in the quarantine hotels right now, mostly in Kuala Lumpur while one in Port Dickson. This is the latest photos of our buddy who flew back from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur recently. This is his Real Life Experience at COVID-19 Quarantine Hotel in Malaysia. My buddy works in Singapore but due to the CCB (CirCuit Breaker), he decided to work to come back like many other Malaysians.

This is his real life experience from Singapore to KLIA and to the COVID-19 Quarantine Hotel.

As soon as we left the plane, everyone need to queue to fill up Health Declaration Form. Then pass the form to medical/NADMA officers. Then get past immigration. Then fill up another form again.
A “Home Assessment Tool” form is given together with Quarantine Guidelines sheet. The Home Assessment Tool form is a daily assessment/monitoring form for Patient Under Investigation (PUI).
10.10am – now asking who have pre-booked Sama-Sama Hotel. Sama-Sama Hotel is a hotel you can pre-booked for this quarantine but you have to bear all cost on your own.
10.20am – At this point, still waiting and I’m getting hungry.
10.30am – NADMA lai liao. Hotel ******** (confidential)
10.50am – whole flight travel group then divided into few bus groups. My group is only 14 pax for the shuttle/bus to the hotel. Now waiting for custom clearance.
11am – before group board the bus, all luggages and bags have to be sanitized. If your bag/luggage is fabric type then good luck, coz the bags would be all wet.
11.10am – once whole flight travel group boarded their respective buses, all buses move together to the quarantine place. With traffic police escort, no less.
11.45am – ok at this point, still on the way to the quarantine place, feel like a VIP with all those sirens blaring at every junctions.
11.47am – also, we don’t stop at red lights. Coz we are badass like that.
12.05pm – arrived at hotel about 10mins ago but still waiting in the bus. Probably do proper health screening before enter room or something?
12.32pm – so we have waited in the bus for about half an hour now. And know what, we are still in the bus. Not sure what’s going on.
12.38pm – we were told to prepare out IC and passport for check in.
1.15pm – finally, waited in bus for slightly more than an hour now I have checked into the room. It takes time because of social distancing and each and every PUI has to take turns to check in.

covid 19 hotel mineral water
The mineral water

1.25pm – they have already provided whole carton of mineral water, about 28 bottles of shampoo/body shampoo, few rolls of toilet papers, towels, some soaps, and vanity kits. So during this 14 days, we are not allowed to leave the room, besides opening the door to get food, which is served 3 times a day, 7.30am brekkie, 12pm lunch, and 6pm dinner. 4pm is waste collection.

covid 19 hotel meal toileteries
The toiletries
covid 19 hotel toilet
The clean toilet

6pm – a “survival snack pack” is served in front of the room door. Contains Maggi cup, chips, biscuits, and packed drinks.
7pm – Dinner is served from 6pm, going floor to floor room to room. Dinner is rice with fish and vege.

MCO Quarantine Day 2.
Update: 2pm. Medical personnel made call to all rooms (or could be random), requesting us to go down to the lobby for screening. When I was down there, they check the accuracy of my name and IC, then temperature screening. Then they proceeded to do a swab test. They only took the mouth swab, for now. Then I was made to sign an acknowledgement letter that I’m now under quarantine from 15-29 April 2020.

covid 19 hotel meal breakfast

So breakfast would be served to all PUI (Patient Under Investigation) from 7.30am.

Then around 10am or so, there would be personnel going from level to level, room to room for temperature screening. After that, there would be a doctor calling on the room phone to ask about health assessment/monitoring.

covid 19 hotel meal lunch

Then lunch would be served from 12noon onward. Then we were given the yellow hazard bag for rubbish and waste. We just put everything in it, tie it up and put in front of our rooms. There would be personnel collecting them starting from 4pm.

covid 19 hotel yellow bag

There are strict rules for those who are in quarantine centres or hotels. Not everyone get a nice four to five star hotels, it is random so some might get a beach resort or a resort in Seremban or outskirt. You will be confined in the room, you can’t step out of the room except for food. You have no access to any of the facilities in the hotel. It feels nice to stay in a hotel but you will be inside the room for two weeks. You are not allowed to order Grabfood or other food delivery.

covid 19 hotel

We hope this clarifies a lot on the rules and regulations of the COVID-19 Quarantine Hotels in Malaysia. This is not a holiday but a quarantine room.

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  1. how do u go home if u are allocated to other places away from KL? or will they located u nearer to where u live?

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