June 9, 2023

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Durian Season Is Back for Mid 2020

The durian season is back for middle of 2020. We heard that some of the regular durian stalls start to operate since last week. Our favourite durian stall at Sg Chua, Kajang started to sell durians since last week with durian types like D24, Red Prawn and Musang King.

We have been patronising this Sg Chua Durian Stall for years in Kajang and they offer very good deals for durians. We visited them today and they were selling D24 and Red Prawn Durian for RM 25/kg while Musang King Durian for RM 50/kg. The price for durian varies from day to day depending on their supplier.

As usual, the durian stall is busy with customers and everyone was wearing mask and social distancing. We just bought 2kg for Red Prawn durian and left. They offer packaging on the spot and change if the durian is spoilt or in bad condition. This is the reason why we kept on visiting this durian stall as they are reliable and honest.

We usually purchase Red Prawn, D24 or XO durian than Musang King or Black Thorn Durian. These Red Prawn, D24 or XO durian is good enough for us.

There could be more durian stalls opening near your neighbourhood so please check with your regular durian stalls. We bought the durians for our parents and they were so happy.

There is nothing happier than having some durian during this Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). Like we always said, be happy, be positive and be safe! Keep calm and eat some durians.

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