November 30, 2023


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Tochigi Famous Lemon Milk Cracker and Drink

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Tochigi Famous Lemon Milk Cracker and Drink

You might not see this before as the Tochigi Famous Lemon Milk Cracker and Drink is not available in the souvenir shops in big cities or airport. Where is Tochigi? Tochigi is a prefecture located at the north of Tokyo and it also part of the Nikko National Park.

tochigi lemon milk cracker

We spotted the Tochigi Famous Lemon Milk Cracker and Drink during the highway stop from Tokyo to Nikko and these products are highly recommended by the tour guide.

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There are two popular Tochigi Lemon food, they are the Famous Lemon Milk Cracker and Drink.

tochigi lemon milk drink

The Tochigi Lemon Drink is quite unique. First of all, the taste of the lemon is sweet and not sour yet it blended smoothly with the milk so it offers sweet and milky taste. This is very enjoyable.

tochigi lemon milk cracker cookies

Each biscuit is wrapped in individual wrapper. When it comes to food packaging, no other countries can beat Japan in terms of design and creativity. This is similar to other brands like Shiroi Koibito biscuits wrappers.

tochigi lemon milk cracker thin cookies

For the Tochigi Lemon Cracker, it is two thin layer biscuit ‘sandwich’ with the filling of the lemon cream. The thin layer biscuit is thin and crispy and you get the sweet lemon filling after taste. Our boys loved these and they finished the entire packet. The texture of the biscuit is slightly thicker than Shiroi Koibito biscuits but yet this is very addictive. If you spotted Tochigi Famous Lemon Milk Cracker and Drink, you can give them a try.

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  1. I know your post is 3 yo old, but yes you can buy this brand of lemon milk in station stores now. I just found it in Nippori station. They have coffee milk too.

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