December 6, 2023


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SEVENFRIDAY T1/01 COCORICO Is Available in Malaysia

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SEVENFRIDAY T1/01 COCORICO Is Available in Malaysia

For watch and SEVENFRIDAY watch lovers, the SEVENFRIDAY T1/01 COCORICO Is Available in Malaysia! There is no official event due to the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) but we manage to take a look at the SEVENFRIDAY T1/01 COCORICO at Sevenfriday Space (Robinsons Kuala Lumpur, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place).

sevenfriday malaysia cocorico

How do you describe the Gallic Cockerel?

The Russian Bear. The American Eagle. The Chinese Panda…and The French Cock!

Hardly an awe inspiring animal. Yet this Gallic Cockerel has come to symbolize France as the cradle of social development, modernity, style and fun, all values that it hold dear at SEVENFRIDAY!

sevenfriday cocorico malaysia

SEVENFRIDAY decided to celebrate these “à la Sevenfraïdé” by creating the T1/01 Cocorico, limited to 450 pieces. Its asymmetrical skeletonized dial is resolutely inspired from Art Nouveau. The strap harks back to the French origins of Denim! And if you look carefully you will find a nod to French “Art de vivre”! Santé!

sevenfriday cocorico malaysia

If you want to know more specifications of the SEVENFRIDAY T1/01 COCORICO as if you intend to purchase online at , you can check out the specs below.

Watch Specifications

• Size: 45mm (W) x 45.6mm (H)

• Thickness: 12.95mm

• Strap: 26 to 22mm

• Crown diameter: 7,5mm

• Movement: Automatic skeleton TMI (Seiko) NH70, 40 hours power reserve, visible balance wheel

• Glass: K1 hardened mineral glass

• Box: Stainless steel (316L)

• Fine sandblasted blue PVD case, Bezel grooved line refilled with blue Berlac Lacquer

• Finishing switching between polished, brushed and sandblasted

• Engraved Sevenfriday logo on the case side

• Crown refilled with red lacquer coating

• Dial: Gradient blue semi transparent dial, printing relief in blue, white and red colors, Skeletonized dial underlayer inspired by parisian Art Noveau dècor, twisted with Sevenfriday codes, such as the rooster wearing the “Insane” sunglasses at 3H, the name “Cocorico” at 12H, and the 2 toasting red wine glasses at 9h.

• White luminous painting on hour and minute hands

• Straps: Dark “bleu” denim with special rooster footstep stamped pattern “rouge” lining.

sevenfriday cocorico close up

SEVENFRIDAY T1/01 COCORICO is perfect for smart casual wear and we love the design. You can wear this with denim and it is perfect for unisex. To be honest, this watch looks good on beach holidays under the shade of the sun with a glass of ‘pina colada’.


Do check out the SEVENFRIDAY T1/01 COCORICO at Red Army Watches outlets – 1Utama Shopping Centre, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Gurney Plaza and Sevenfriday Space (Robinsons Kuala Lumpur, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place). You have to touch, wear and experience the watch to know why this watch is so COCORICO.

sevenfriday cocorico

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