February 6, 2023

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 100x Zoom Review

For those who are interested in Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, we will be sharing more tests and reviews since we are in lockdown until February. We have been using the phone for the past week and it has been impressive. We hope that we can do more tests and reviews but since we are in lockdown, there are limitations for our content. Now, time to check out one of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra key feature, the 100x Zoom and this is our review.

We travelled a lot before COVID-19 pandemic and we took thousands of photos per year. We usually bring a few gadgets which include camera and action camera. The advantage of camera over the smartphone is the ultra wide and zoom function (with lenses) until Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra offers 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom with photo lock. Are these numbers just numbers? Well, we put the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to the test and let us show you the results. These photos are not edited or enhanced in terms of colors, brightness or sharpness and we only added our watermark for copyright purposes.

Camera setting from 0.6x, 1x, 3x and 10x
Camera setting from 10x to 100x

The photo zoom option for Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra:

0.6x (Ultra wide)


3x Optical Zoom

10x Optical Zoom

100x Digital Zoom

The below shots are handheld, no tripod and not edited.

Camera at 0.6x
Camera at 1x
Camera at 3x Optical
Camera at 10x Optical
Camera at 100x digital zoom (photo lock new feature)

We posted the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 100x zoom on the moon and one of our friends immediately pre-order the phone after looking at the quality of the photo.  

There are dozens of smartphones promising you the best or the longest zoom option but not many offer the optimum photo quality you want. In fact, there will be new smartphones coming out with 120x zoom but does it matter? We have seen so many smartphones throwing big numbers but how many of them deliver?

We have shown you what Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 100x Zoom and 10x Optical zoom can offer in terms of results and quality. Big numbers maybe can tempt you but the results that matter.

You can now purchase Samsaung Galaxy S21 Ultra at Shopee at: https://bit.ly/3t40SX7 and get Free Gift (while stocks last):

1 x Samsung Galaxy Fit2 worth RM179

1 x Samsung Galaxy Wireless Charger Trio worth RM399

1 x Samsung Galaxy BLE Tag worth RM129

This is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 100x Zoom Review.

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