March 22, 2023

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Is Angkor Wat Worth The Visit?

We visited Angkor Wat twice and it is time for some story sharing during this MCO 2.0. Our first trip was in 2010, bought cheap travel package via and went to Siem Reap for three days. We visited more than 10 temples within three days because we were so young, energetic and kiasu back then. We also visited Angkor Wat in 2010 and moving forward to 2017, we revisited Siem Reap and Angkor Wat again and it is time to share our experiences. Is Angkor Wat worth the visit?

If you never been to Siem Reap, please do make a trip at least once your lifetime to visit Angkor Wat. There are many temples in Siem Reap so do your research and visit the big and popular ones like Angkor Wat, ‘Tomb Raider’ temple and Bayon temple.

It is easier to find information on temples now compare to 2010 and there are many tuk tuks available in the city so you can book them for one day or a few days or you can book sunrise tours with at .

Please remember that you need to purchase the Angkor Wat Entrance Fees and it varies from 1 day, 3 days to 7 days entrance fees. Depending how adventurous you want to be, you can visit the temples in Angkor Wat for 1 day or 3 days if you want to take your time.

This is the Angkor Wat Entrance Fees 2010:

1 Day Entrance Fee to Angkor: $20 US

3 Days Entrance Fee to Angkor: $40 US

7 Days Entrance Fee to Angkor: $60 US

This is the Angkor Wat Entrance Fees 2017 onwards:

1 Day Entrance Fee to Angkor: $37 US

3 Days Entrance Fee to Angkor: $62 US

7 Days Entrance Fee to Angkor: $72 US

They built a new ticketing complex and increased the entrance fees to improve and maintain the UNESCO Heritage List building in Angkor Wat.

To catch the sunrise tour, you need to wake up around 4.30 am and depart to the temple. Get a good guide or the tour so they will explain to you about the history of Angkor Wat.

The best place to take the sunrise photo is at the edge of the mini lake at the front of the Angkor Wat near the food stalls. You can get the view of the building as well as the reflection through the lake. During peak season, there are hundreds of tourists camping at this area for photo so be early.

If you walk around Angkor Wat and knowing the history, you will like this place. Even though it is very hot outside but it is very cooling in the building thanks to the huge stone blocks.

In fact, the Angkor Wat and the surrounding area is a plan development as you see how they build the roads and walls around this area and you will be impressed if you love history and architecture.

Make sure ladies don’t wear short skirts and sexy clothing like bare back or such, this is a temple so you need to wear something decent.

There are many children offering many souvenirs and foods and they can speak many languages. It feels okay to buy from them at first but you will meet them at all the temples in Siem Reap and it is quite annoying. It is okay to ignore them and they will follow and bug you till you purchase something. This is from our 2010 and 2017 experiences. On top of that, there are cheap beer at Pub Street.

Is Angkor Wat worth the visit? Yes for first timer and if you never visited Siem Reap Cambodia before.

Like many people out there, we can’t wait to travel but it will take some time for us to travel freely so please take care of yourself and be safe. Read all our Cambodia stories at

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