March 30, 2023

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Betong Inter Birdnest Shop Thailand

Time to share this famous bird nest shop in Betong Thailand. Please take note this is from the travel before COVID 19 pandemic. This is the Inter birdnest shop in Betong Thailand. If you are interested to know more about Betong Thailand you can read at

Betong is a border town near Perak Malaysia. It is a popular border town with many tourists visiting the town for food and tourism. You have go through the Bukit Berapit Immigration in Perak Malaysia to Betong Customs House. Betong is popular for their chicken and food such as birdnest.

This is Inter Birdnest shop at Betong Thailand. You can use Waze and type ‘inter birdnest betong’ to find the location or their address is at 88 Sukayang Road, Betong, Thailand.

We were there to check out their birdnest and the owner is kind enough to show us how they clean the raw bird nest.

You can enjoy a bowl of birdnest from 200 Baht a bowl or you can buy the dried bird nest from Inter Birdnest Shop.

Since we are here, why not ordering a bowl of birdnest. Birdnest is believe to offer good nutrients for our body especially for ladies. Myths or facts, it is up to you to believe. No harm enjoying a bowl of birdnest with decent amount for that price. Thailand is always popular for having value for money birdnest and many tourists especially from Hong Kong and China will visit one of these birdnest shop across Thailand.

If you are visiting Betong Thailand in the future, why not checking out the Inter birdnest shop in the town. During this time, we hope everyone is well and please register for the COVID-19 vaccination so you can travel to Thailand in the future as well protecting yourself.

Betong Inter Birdnest Shop Thailand

Address: 88 Sukayang Road, Betong, Thailand

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