December 7, 2023


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Heavy Traffic at Gombak Toll and Quiet Around Kuala Lumpur

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Heavy Traffic at Gombak Toll and Quiet Around Kuala Lumpur

We read about the heavy traffic at Gombak Toll yesterday and many people shared the story on social media. Today, we checked the highway CCTV around Klang Valley, it is still heavy traffic at Gombak Toll but it is quiet at most highways around Kuala Lumpur.

gombak toll trafic jam

The Gombak Toll is the exit of the KL Karak highway from the East Coast especially from Pahang. You might wonder that it could be commercial trucks or trailers but most of them are just passenger cars. We noticed it since yesterday, there are many passengers car crawling at Gombak toll causing heavy traffic due to check by police for not crossing state.

The CCTV on highways around KL shows it is very quiet since a few days ago. Even the busy highways at KL city center is dead quiet and it is not a normal scene. I drove past KL last week for my hospital appointment and traffic was busy but now it is very quiet which is a good sign.

kl traffic smooth

You can check out all the highway CCTV at or

This is Heavy Traffic at Gombak Toll and Quiet Around Kuala Lumpur. We hope there are lesser cars on the road when the full lockdown implemented on 1st june 2021.

For the past few weeks, we have friends contracted COVID-19 and it is scary. To be honest, I am upset and tired without all these people going around as if nothing is happening, people not wearing mask properly and people having party at home. Please take care of yourself and be safe. Everyone is getting tired and frustrated, so stay strong and stay alive.

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