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Ramen Talk Tonkotsu Chasu Noodles Review

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Ramen Talk Tonkotsu Chasu Noodles Review

This is something interesting we bought from Shopee recently. We purchased this ramen noodles out of curiousity and it turns out to be one of the unique ramen on Shopee. This is our Ramen Talk Tonkotsu Chasu Noodles review. Ramen Talk Tonkotsu Chasu is from China part of their Ramen Talk series we found on Shopee at: https://bit.ly/3x16Qct

ramen talk noodles review

The Ramen Talk noodles series also offer other flavours such as spicy mala, tomato, creamy curry, rattan flavour and clay flavour. The original flavour which is the Ramen Talk Tonkotsu Chasu Noodles is white in colour with Chinese wordings.

The Ramen Talk Tonkotsu Chasu Noodles is for one serving only and it comes with a big piece of chasu (pork) inside. This is our first time purchased a ramen with an actual piece chasu inside. We actually blogged about the A1 Abalone Instant Noodle with an actual abalone but this is our first time trying a ramen with an actual chasu.

ramen talk china ingredients

When you open the paper packaging, you can find six packaging inside. You find the ramen, the chasu pork slice, the pickles, sesame, spring onion and the flavour.

ramen talk review

The noodles is Chinese type ramen and you need to cook it with boiling water for 5 -7 minutes. You don’t cook the other ingredients with the boiling water especially the flavour.

ramen talk noodles

Just put the ramen noodles into the bowl and then add the flavour and all the ingredients. The highlight of the Ramen Talk Tonkotsu Chasu Noodles is the 7cm chasu pork slice.

Just let the chasu pork slice sink with the soup and it will expand slightly. The chasu will be soft and it is flavoured and quite tasty.

ramen talk chasu

For the noodles, it is thin noodles and texture is soft and smooth. The texture is similar to ‘mee suah’ but this is thicker but it is very smooth and enjoyable. The tonkotsu broth is light and tasty while the sesame and the spring onions add on more flavour. If you like thick pork tonkotsu flavour, you might find this very light but we enjoyed this.

Ramen Talk Tonkotsu Chasu Noodles Review

Overall, Ramen Talk Tonkotsu Chasu Noodles is better than we expected. It is selling from RM 9 and above and you might think it is super expensive for just one packet of ramen. However with the add on like chasu pork slice, it justifies the price point. The ramen is lovely while the broth is tasty so we have no complains. You can get it cheapest on Shopee at: https://bit.ly/3x16Qct or with other sellers at: https://bit.ly/3clVQhZ

As promised, we will do more food product reviews during this FMCO and beyond. Please stay home and take care of yourself. Stay alive and be safe! This is our Ramen Talk Tonkotsu Chasu Noodles Review.

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