June 5, 2023

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Blackbixon Espresso Capsule Coffee Review

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Blackbixon Espresso Capsule Coffee Review

Here comes a new challenger! Time to check this out everyone. This is the new Blackbixon Espresso Capsule Coffee and Machine. This is made in Malaysia with technology from United States of America.

Coffee is very important to us. We consume at least two cups of coffee a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The first cup of coffee is to kick start our day while the second cup is to keep our engine running till the end of the day.

We have changed our habits of drinking instant coffee to capsule coffee due to a few reasons. Firstly, capsule coffee is stronger in taste. Thus, there are no sugars on capsule coffee which is good for diabetic as well as for diet. Capsule coffee offer more quality taste as it is made from better coffee beans and it is no brainer to switch from instant coffee to capsule coffee.

We were introduced to Blackbixon from our friends so we decided to give it a try. Blackbixon offers their own espresso capsule coffee machine and it comes with five colours.

The Blackbixon espresso machine design is pretty sleek with the metallic top cover. We got the brown colour which looks really good in our kitchen. The coffee machine takes around 45 seconds to dispense the coffee from the capsule.

The Blackbixon offers three different types of coffee, the energy coffee, nutritional coffee and original coffee.

They having the Merdeka Promo until 30th September 2021 right now as below:

Enjoy their Merdeka Promo at RM299 today and own a coffee machine + 30 Coffee Capsules! 🤩

🤎NO Subscription Commitment

🤎NO Deposit Required

🤎NO Member Registration Fee

Each package comes with a Free Blackbixon™️ Coffee Machine + 30 Capsules Coffee (10 Capsules Blackbixon™️ Energy Coffee + 10 Capsules Blackbixon™️ Nutritional Coffee + 10 Capsules Blackbixon™️ Original Coffee)

You can purchase it at Shopee at: https://shp.ee/jd9rith

So far we tasted the Energy coffee and the taste is strong and it sort of jumpstart the brain. We have not tasted such a strong coffee for some time and we loved their energy coffee series. We will update once we tasted their nutritional coffee and original coffee.

The best part is Blackbixon coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso coffee capsules so you can use it at Nespresso machines and vice versa.

We prefer to add some low fat milk onto the capsule coffee as we enjoyed our coffee with creamier texture. Some prefer it as it is for that aroma and strong taste. It is all depends on your preferences on how to drink your coffee whether you like it espresso, long black, latte or flat white.

As the new kids on the block, Blackbixon did really well in terms of the design and usability of their capsule coffee machine. On top of that, their coffee capsules are better than we expected. We heard there will be more coming in the near future.

As a consumer, we prefer to have choices and the Blackbixon espresso capsule coffee is a great choice for everyone.

Remember you can purchase their coffee capsule or machine on Shopee at: https://shp.ee/2sq462t

For more information on Blackbixon Espresso Coffee, you can read more at: https://www.blackbixon.com/index.php/home

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