February 9, 2023

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COVID 19 Early Symptoms and Signs

What is the COVID 19 early symptoms and signs? I just spoke to a friend about this and I believe it is good for me to share about the COVID-19 early symptoms and signs.

This means you need to do PCR Test

At first, you will get fever and sore throat. It happened to me, went to see doctor and I was told it was false alarm. Did the ATK saliva test on the day I had fever, test results negative.

What happen next is I did ATK saliva test on second day and on the third day there is a false positive. A doctor friend noticed it, I thought it was contaminated so did another ATK saliva test and it was positive.

Immediately, I went to do a PCR test and got positive and one by one in household gets positive on the next day.

After the fever and sore throat, I start to lose my smell and taste bud. When you lose your smell and taste bud, it is almost 100% you got COVID-19 positive.

This is not false positive, this means positive.

Let me rephrase again. It started with fever and sore throat and after a few days, my smell and taste buds are gone.

This means confirm positive

If you have fever and sore throat, please isolate yourself until you get a PCR negative test a couple of days later. There are cases PCR test won’t detect the virus on the first few days so keep on doing ATK saliva test until your fever and sore throat is gone. Remember, once you got the COVID-19 early symptoms and signs like sore throat and fever, please isolate yourself or else the whole kampung will kena.

I hope my experience with COVID-19 positive can help you identify the early symptoms and signs. Please take note, not all fever and sore throat could be COVID-19 positive but just isolate yourself to be safe.

I really hope this COVID-19 early symptoms and signs help you in the next course of action. If you ask me how did I get COVID 19, it is still a mystery.

After posting this story, a friend just messaged me that he got COVID-19 positive and his symptom is flu only. Please don't take COVID-19 lightly even though you have been fully vaccinated. Take care everyone and be safe.

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