February 2, 2023

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Malaysia Thailand VTL Flight Tickets

For the past few days, I have been researching for everything related to Thailand as I am planning to travel soon. That is the reason why I renewed my passport before everyone starts to renew last minute. After days of checking flight tickets, I realized that there are two types of flight tickets from Malaysia to Thailand. The ordinary flight ticket and the VTL flight ticket.

I am as confused as you are as what is the difference in between the ordinary flight ticket from Malaysia to Thailand and the VTL flight ticket.

For this reason, I contacted my contact from the airlines to clarify this. After a long conversation with him, the conclusion is there is no difference at all as there is no special condition for Malaysia Thailand VTL or vice versa.

VTL or not, Malaysians are still required to do PCR test on the first day at SHA Extra+ hotel and we still need to do another PCR test 2 days before the flight back. Hence, for Malaysia Thailand VTL flight tickets, there is no difference with ordinary flight tickets for now.

For the flight ticket prices for VTL and non-VTL, it changes from time to time so please do check on the flight website like Malaysia Airlines for more information.

For any change in Malaysia Thailand travel, we will definitely update on our blog and Facebook Page. Currently, I plan to fly to Thailand after Songkran Festival.

I will be doing more content in Thailand next month and if you have questions, please comment or message me.

I hope this article clarifies about the Malaysia Thailand VTL Flight Tickets. For all my stories about Thailand, you can visit https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/thailand

Thanks for reading everyone and take care.

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