July 22, 2024


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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Macro Photography

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Macro Photography

We have been using Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for weeks now. Time to show what I did with the phone for photography. Camera is the key highlights of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and lets check out the macro photography with focus enhancer.

s22 macro snail

There are two ways of taking macro photography with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The proper way is using the focus enhancer mode on at (1x) normal photo mode.

s22 macro leaf

You will spot the small icon on the edge, just make sure it is on. Next, keep the camera near the object and it will automatically focus the subject at 1x (normal mode).

s22 macro centipede

The focus enhancer macro mode won’t work if you are using other zoom factor than 1x. I have tried with ultrawide and it won’t work.

If you watched my video, I took some moving object and it is still very sharp. The photos are not edited so there are still room for enhancement like level, color and sharpness.

samsung galaxy s22 ultra macro 1x focus enhancer
1x focus enhancer

The other method that I love to use for macro photography is using 10x zoom. The macro photo using 10x zoom is sharper but it is not detailed as using focus enhancer.

samsung galaxy s22 ultra macro 10x zoom
10x zoom

You can actually compare and decide it on your own and how you can to take macro photography using Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. This macro photography method applies to Samsung S21 Ultra too.

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