February 2, 2023

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How much to travel to Thailand via land border or flight

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How much to travel to Thailand via land border or flight

When the story of RM 1,000 for one person to travel to Thailand circulates earlier this month, I wanted to write the real cost to counter it. The truth is even with two PCR test and the first night hotel stay, the cost should not reach RM 1000. With the new non PCR test ruling for both Thailand and Malaysia starting 1 May 2022, How to much to travel to Thailand via land border or flight.

When you apply Thailand pass today via https://tp.consular.go.th/ for either land or flight, you still need to fill in all your details but you won’t need PCR Test booking anymore. However, you still need to require to book your flight, hotel and Thai COVID insurance.

There are some readers ask me about Thai COVID insurance and the link to their websites at: https://tqm-app.com/static/thailandpass/index.html

You can also purchase your own Thai COVID insurance with coverage at US10k in Malaysia but I chose to purchase from their website. Easier and faster.

The cost of COVID insurance depends on the length of stay as well as the insurance company. I purchased 15 days MSIG insurance for 1,100 Baht and AXA offers 999 Baht for 7 days.

Going back to the title, How to much to travel to Thailand via land border or flight?

The answer is the cost of COVID insurance as well as your RTK-AG test kits. On top of the COVID insurance, I have purchased annual travel insurance.

In short, you just need to pay COVID insurance for 1,100 baht (depending on your choice) for your trip. The COVID insurance is to protect yourself just in case anything happens in Thailand. Of course the other cost includes your flight / land, hotel stay and expenses.

I was told that the Thailand Pass application takes around 48 hours to process so what are you guys waiting for time? Time to visit Thailand via flight or land border now!

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