March 22, 2023

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Betong Mongkollit Tunnel Newly Refurbished in 2022

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Betong Mongkollit Tunnel Newly Refurbished in 2022

The famous Betong tunnel, the Mongkollit Tunnel or also known as Mongkhonrit Tunnel is newly refurbished in 2022.

The Mongkollit Tunnel is the first and the largest road tunnel in Southern Thailand. It is located the famous Betong City in Yala province.

The curved tunnel is 268 metres long and connecting the town center and the other part of the town to the South East. The Betong Mongkollit Tunnel was opened on 1st January 2001.

Recently, my parents went to Betong (again) this year and he took the newly refurbished Mongkollit Tunnel in 2022. They helped us to take these photos.

You can see the comparison photos of the tunnel we took in 2018 and now 2022. There is a huge difference as the flooring and side walls are newly refurbished.

Betong Mongkollit Tunnel has become a new attraction among the locals and tourists. At night, many people will visit the tunnel to take photos as the lights lit up the area.

This is the Betong Mongkollit Tunnel Newly Refurbished in 2022 and read all our stories on Betong at:

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