March 31, 2023

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SUKE Highway Cheras Taman Teratai to Kajang

SUKE Highway opened for a few weeks since last month and there are many people talking about it. I took the SUKE Highway from Kajang highway Batu 9 to Cheras Taman Teratai and back to check out this new elevated highway. I didn’t take any photos from Kajang but I took photos all the way from Taman Teratai to Kajang to show everyone.

The journey from Kajang to Cheras Taman Teratai is hilly and at the junction of Cheras Taman Teratai, the view of the city is really beautiful. That is the reason why many people stop at the highway side for photos which caused a car accident some time ago. Please do not stop at side of the highway for the photos for safety reasons.

I stayed in Taman Teratai for 10 years many years ago and it is good to see SUKE highway exit near my old house. This means the journey from Kajang / Batu 9 to Taman Teratai / Taman Muda takes less than 10 minutes of driving including passing the toll. This cuts a lot of time considering the heavy jam in front of Cheras Sentral and EkoCheras.

I took the drive from Taman Teratai to Cheras Batu 9 and back to Kajang. From Taman Teratai to Cheras Batu 9 with leisure drive (not speeding), it takes only 5 minutes! Yes, I have checked the timing, it is only 5 minutes from Taman Teratai to Cheras Batu 9 exit!

The journey is pretty good as the highway is wide and it is between the hills. The exit though is a bit narrow and squeezed to one lane only.

Please take note this is during off peak hour and during peak hour, the exit is heavily jam due to the traffic light. Since I never experience that heavy jam during peak hours, I read it can take up to over 30 minutes of waiting.

Another important thing is there is no mention of the SUKE Cheras Toll rates yet. Since it is still free of charge until a couple of days later, the toll price can be a factor of how many people will use the SUKE Highway Cheras.

To be honest, I don’t mind paying the toll during off peak hours to cut the journey time. For my first time using the SUKE highway Cheras, I am very impressed. I will probably do another story if I plan to use SUKE to Ulu Klang one day.

For now, the SUKE Highway Cheras Taman Teratai to Kajang Experience is surreal and smooth and it takes only five minutes.

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