June 7, 2023

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Guay Thiew Pak Mor at Park More Restaurant Bangkok

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Guay Thiew Pak Mor at Park More Restaurant Bangkok

This is probably the most rare and unique Thai food in Thailand. This is Guay Thiew Pak Mor, a combination of ‘glass noodles’ with Pak Mor, a traditional Thai dish. This Guay Thiew Pak Mor is available at Park More Restaurant in Bangkok.

Pak Mor is a traditional Thai dish made with steamed glutinous rice and it is popular at the North East of Thailand. You don’t see pak mor stalls at most places in Bangkok, Northern or Southern Thailand.

When we got to know about Guay Thiew Pak Mor, we don’t mind to travel almost 45 minutes from Bangkok city centre to Park More Restaurant that is located at Khwaeng Nawamin, Bueng Kum.

The Park More Restaurant offers lots of parking space and they open from 9 am to 11 pm. We went there after lunch time and we had the chance to meet the owners. They told us that they use to run the restaurant by the road side before moving to a proper restaurant. Their loyal customers followed them to their new spot.

The interior is simple and nice, dominated by white walls and wooden chairs and tables. The ambiance is very relaxing and comfortable.

They offer 10 types of pak mor and it is really delicious

We sat at the table while the cook prepare the Guay Thiew Pak Mor. They offer Pak Mor with 10 different types of ingredients! This is rather different than the usual pak mor.

The smooth skin of pak mor with generous amount of filling

The cook will prepare the pak mor one by one so you can enjoy it while it is warm. The cook will serve the pak mor into the guay thiew soup and you can have it with the pork based soup.

With 10 different ingredients, you can taste 10 different types of pak mor. The skin layer of pak mor is smooth while it comes with the generous filling.

We did some research and some website mentioned that pak mor is influenced by Vietnamese dish but we feel that it is closer to Chinese cuisine.

A unique and tasty Thai food

The skin and some filling is similar to ‘Teo Chew kuih’ but this is prepared fresh and eat it with the soup based kuey teow. The ‘Teo chew kuih’ is more like a dessert while is more like a proper meal.

The pork broth comes with glass noodles, chicken feet as well as fish balls. The taste of the broth is light so it won’t overwhelm the taste of the pak mor.

Menu of Park More Restaurant, the food prices here are very reasonable

Overall, the Guay Thiew Pak Mor at Park More Restaurant Bangkok is light, healthy and enjoyable. On top of pak mor, you can also check out their other dishes.

We met the owner, Khun Trachoo

What we love about this restaurant is they carry Singha sodas as well as Singha and Leo Beer. It is always good to have a glass of beer in Thailand as it is warm all year long. Well, did we mention that the Guay Thiew Pak Mor goes well with beer too?

If you want to try and taste a rare unique Thai food in Bangkok, you should check out Guay Thiew Pak Mor at Park More Restaurant. Your trip to Thailand will be incomplete without tasting the Guay Thiew Pak Mor.

Park More Restaurant Bangkok

Opening Hours: 9 am to 11pm

Address: 17 75 Nawamin 111 Aly, Khwaeng Nawamin, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

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