My BEST Live Football Experience: MALAYSIA CUP FINAL 1996

My BEST Live Football Experience: MALAYSIA CUP FINAL 1996

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Don’t ever brag about football if you haven’t watch a live football match. I always told off those who loved to brag about their favourite teams. Most Malaysians loved foreign football league such as English Premier League (EPL), Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, World Cup and Euro Cup. Many of them neglected the local football scene. Me myself is an avid England, Liverpool and Selangor FC supporter.

I never brought up to be a footballer. I wish I have the stamina and power but yet it never deter me to have a nice football game regardless of winning or losing. My last football game will be a futsal game a few years back. Going up in a public high school, I was influenced by our multi racial friends to watch local football. In the 90s, Malaysia’s football was having its peak with Singapore playing in our Malaysian League. Well, I’m a huge supporter of Selangor FC, our local state football club. Selangor FC is one of the most successful Malaysian football club in the history.

My first experience of live football comes in 1995, Malaysia Cup Final: Selangor beat Pahang 1 – 0. It was really an eye opener, though I couldn’t see the players clearly but the atmosphere was electric. Stadium Shah Alam really rocked. The football game ended with fireworks display that thrilled the crowd.  From there, I started to watch live local football matches with my fellow friends. After graduating high school in 1995, me and my fellow local football fan supporters went to our own ways.

We began to lost touch as everyone was busy with their lives. However, in 28th Dec 1996, me and my fellow Selangor FC friends were united. It was the Malaysia Cup Final 1996: Selangor vs. Sabah. Sabah’s Australian player Scott Ollerenshaw was the top scorer in the league and Sabah won the 1996 Malaysian League so Sabah was the favourite to win. Thus, the Malaysia Cup was played in Selangor FC’s homegrown of Stadium Shah Alam with the capacity crowd of 80,000 supporters! Basically it was our version of Barcelona’s Nou Camp.

We reached the mighty Shah Alam Stadium early, avoiding traffic jams. It will be easier to get parking space also.

This was us, me, Liew Wai Hong, Siew Haw Hoe, Steven Ng and Kung. Our friend, Affendi’s mum made the custom made hats for us. Kung and the rest did the custom made flag. We were ready for Shah Alam Stadium!

Got our tickets and it was free seating. The ticket cost around RM 10. We sat in the middle of the stadium, where all the actions were. There were a few confrontations between Selangor FC and Sabah FC supporters. The policemen were stationed so they kept a good eye on them. The tension was starting rising. Everyone were getting excited.

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