Why I Am A Champion Like Wayne Rooney

Why I Am A Champion Like Wayne Rooney

My greatest gratitude to Tiger FC, GAB, Ogilvy PR for selecting me to participates the Tiger Beer Regional Online Influencer Challenge. The Grand Prize is an all expense paid trip to Manchester for the kickabout with England and Manchester United star, Wayne Rooney, a chance to dine and share a beer with him as well as a visit to Old Trafford Stadium to watch Manchester United league match at the Theater of Dreams.

Having been selected to take part of this challenge, I need to pick 10 team-mates that are going to help me in the challenge. I am still assembling the team and their profiles are as below.
Football is like the next big thing in Malaysia after badminton. Most Malaysian men watch football and after Beckham can bend those freekick, there are also growing of interest from Malaysian women I started my passion on the “most beautiful game on Earth” when I was in high school. Back then, we had to rely on newspaper and magazines for the latest rumours and gossips. There was once we were caught in school watching Copa America through a portable TV, we are die hard football fans. Now with internet, nothing could be easier.

Since then, I support local team Selangor FC , Liverpool, Malaysia, England and Japan. Few of my most amazing experiences were with my football buddies watching Selangor FC won the Malaysia Cup.

There is nothing beats the cheer and the roar of the crowd of a 80,000 people in the stadium.

Many might start to wonder, since I’m a Liverpool fan, why vote me to go to meet Wayne Rooney? Well, it’s simple. Most of the contestants are die hard, hardcore Man Utd fans. So for them to win or not, they will still pay their trip to go to Old Trafford. So why bother supporting them? Support an outsider that is more deserving; which is me!
I’m a huge England football fan influenced by my father. Meeting England’s best striker is my dream. We seen Wayne Rooney grew up to who he is now, a deadly striker. He is one of the most dangerous strikers in the world. And many Rooney fans might know this; he is from Liverpool and started from Everton.
I’m glad that Wayne Rooney is a beer lover like me. Though I can’t drink much but we have the same passion. Tiger Beer! Well, it’s great for Wayne Rooney to be the latest brand ambassador for Tiger Beer. I believe he is the best choice.
That’s why it’s a challenge for me. I believe it takes more than just courage to be a champion like Wayne Rooney. I believe to be a champion for this, I need you guys to comment on this blog post at the bottom of this post and be a champion yourself and make me a champion! Prove it here that we are better than the rest! Send me, a Liverpool fan to Old Trafford!!

Check Out my Why I am a Champion Like Wayne Rooney Video!! (*NEW* 21-8-10)

Sorry for the low res, my Live Movie Maker didn’t seems to work so I had to use the low res video I captured earlier on. Thanks for supporting.

Meeting up the REAL TIGER!! (*NEW* 23-8-10)

Not a big tiger but a cute little tiger which is still feeding on milk bottle. Tiger ROARS!!

Before I introduce my team mates let me show you the Social Media Spread of this post:

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So let me now introduce my team-mates that will help me to make this dream comes true and I will throw a Tiger Beer party for them, if I win!


Name: “Superwilson” Ng

Age: 32
Height: 168cm
Weight: ???
Position: Goalkeeper GK (CAPTAIN)
Fav. Team: Liverpool, Selangor FC, England, Japan
Fav. Player: Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerard, Robbie Fowler, Fernando Torres, Hidetoshi Nakata,Park Ji Sung
Profile: Video Producer of Focus Image, Travel Writer of PlacesAndFoods.com

Name: Joshua Ong

Age: ???
Height: 169cm
Weight: ???
Position: Central Defender CD
Fav. Team: Manchester United
Fav. Player: Wayne Rooney
Profile: Blogger

Twitter: www.twitter.com/joshuaongys
Blog: http://www.JoshuaOngys.com

Name: Jason Mumbles

Height: 182
Fav. Player: Paul Scholes, Giggs
Profile: Food Blogger and The Star Metro Journalist
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jasonmumbles
Blog: http://jasonmumbles.com/

Name: Yat Jenkin “Buayat”

Age: ??
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Position: Left Back
Fav. Team: ???
Fav. Player: ???
Profile: Nuffnang’s March Blogger of the Month
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jenkinyat
Blog: http://JenkinYat.com

Name: Wet Wet Water

Age: ??
Height: 167
Weight: ???
Position: Right Back
Fav. Team: Manchester United
Fav. Player: ???
Profile: Blogger of WetWetWater.blogspot.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wetwetwater
Blog: http:// WetWetWater.blogspot.com

Name: Jun Jun Riko

Position: Central Midfield
Profile: Blogger
Twitter: www.twitter.com/junjunriko
Blog: http://JunJunRiko.com

Name: Fei Chong

Age: 32
Height: 169cm
Weight: ???
Position: Left Midfielder (Winger)
Fav. Team: ???
Fav. Player: ???
Profile: Manager/Designer/Founder of Hobbs Street Wear Boutique

Hobbs Street Wear Boutique
Lot 05-76,
5th Floor,
Berjaya Times Square

Name: C.Y.Wong (aka Astrosurge/Admin Prime)

Age: 32
Height: 175cm
Position: Right Midfielder (Winger)
Fav. Team: Cybertron’s Own
Fav. Player: None
Profile: Seasonal blogger @ Netmoirs of A Solemn Rover, founder of TransMY (Transformers fan group) & Fortelytics IMC (business).
Twitter: www.twitter.com/astrosurge & www.twitter.com/transmy
Blog/site: www.cywong.com, www.transmy.com, & www.fortelytics.com

Name: Rachel Ting

Position: Attacking Midfielder (Playmaker)
Profile: Banker, 4×4 Racer
Blog: http://PlacesAndFoods.com

Name: Wern Shen

Age: ??
Height: 180cm
Weight: ???
Position: Striker
Fav. Team: Newcastle
Fav. Player: Alan Shearer
Profile: Editor from Lowyat.net
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wernshen
Blog: http://blog.lowyat.net/wernshen/

Name: Chris Tock

Height: 166cm
Position: Striker
Fav. Team: Manchester United
Fav. Player: Edwin Van Der Sar
Profile: Social Media Networker
Twitter: www.twitter.com/spinzer

Please do check out their efforts in helping me out at the bottom of the post.

If I got to win, I will meet Wayne Rooney in Person in and out of the pitch. I want to see his moves with my own eyes, not from the TV set. I want to really see him weaves his magic!

So don’t try to be a “club-ist”, help me, vote me, comment on this post for a Liverpudian and an England fan like me to meet this guy, Wayne Rooney in UK.

So comment here and be a champion yourself like Wayne Rooney. Thanks for commenting and voting for me!


And also what will you like to ask Rooney for the “The Game Never Ends TVC” and win a signed merchandise from Wayne Rooney himself?

Ask your question below! And spread the love!

*Dream Team team mates & friends spreading the news*

Team mate, Jun Jun Riko decided to feature this competition on her blog at www.JunJunRiko.com (Updated 23-8-10)

A very HOT wallpaper she got! Awesomeness!

Team mate, CY Wong decided to pimp his featured this competition on his blog at www.cywong.com (Updated 23-8-10)

Awesome write up man!!

Fei Chong Pimps His Shop (Hobbs – 5th Floor at Berjaya Times Square)

Team mate Fei Chong decided to give a helping hand. Check out how he helps out.

Can you spot my poster? There, beside the shop’s sign.

My custom made poster is in the shop. I really appreciate the help.

Thanks Fei Chong for displaying my posters. Check out his ultra cool custom made hand painted caps at his boutique.

Hobbs Street Wear Boutique
Lot 05-76,
5th Floor,
Berjaya Times Square