Wall Street, New York, USA

Wall Street, New York, USA

I have a few more posts in my draft box for years and this is the time to post it up. This week will be all about my New York trip a few years ago.

It was a cold April spring. I was in New York City for a work assignment for a few days. During the last few days, we had time to tour around. Wall Street was one of the tour destinations.

Included in many local tours, Wall Street is famous to be the home of the New York Stock Exchange which is the world’s largest stock exchange. It was like a scene from a movie.

I spotted the George Washington statue in front of Federal Hall opposite of NYSE.

The most notable building would e the NYSE building.

I missed the “raging bull” sculpture though. We spent a mere 15 minutes there. To be frank, there is not much to see in Wall Street. The main objective was experience. This is one of the must visit places in lower Manhattan, New York City.