Energizer Night Race 2011, Worst Race Ever! Updated!

Energizer Night Race 2011, Worst Race Ever!

*Energizer Malaysia have refunded all the racers the participation fees as well as the goodies bags. Both items were sent in mass and we received by 27th May 2011. Hereby, Energizer Malaysia has resolved this issue. Thank you.*

The idea of night race is good, the crowd turnout is even better. However the race itself was disappointing.

Rachel and I reached there around 7pm. As we entered the grandstand area, there were no markers or even organizers cared to inform anyone where to collect the flashlights as well as how to go to the paddock. We were duly informed by foreign security guards. Fine, as we went to collect our Energizer flashlights, there were no one and the area was empty. Again, fine!

The race started as it was announced by the announcer. There were no notice boards or markers.

We started our 11km race on time. We are supposed to lap the whole circuit twice. As the race started, some participants cheated by cutting through green. Surprisingly, there was not even a marshal there. Please bear in mind, there are real runners who were really competing for the medals and they were cheated. It is a night race, imagine there was not even marshal manning the area. By chance, any injury or any health issues, good luck. It did happen eventually, on my second lap there was a guy lying down without any marshal or medical assistance.

Upon reaching the flag off area, hell break lose. I asked marshal how many laps I need to run. The marshal told everyone that the 11km run is over which in fact it was only 5.5km. I knew I could not have completed 11km within an hour, I continued.

I strained my calves on the second lap and I went to the first medical tent. There wasn’t any medical kit or first aid kit there. They asked me to go to the second tent which is another 2km away. I walked with pain with my friends and when I reached there, the sprays are gone. No more as I was told. Well, bear in mind there are still runners running on 21km and 42km. Anything happens to them will be another god bless issue. Fine, I managed finished my run over 2 hours. There, my friend told me that the spray at the medical tent is actually MOSQUITO REPELLENT AND IT IS NOT MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF SPRAY.

Well, that was not it. The announcer kept threatening the participants to disperse as the police and RELA came in the picture.

Picture taken from Facebook. Look how the organizer distributes the goodies bags.

Apparently, there was a ruckus as organizers could not handle the crowd for the goodies bags. Participants queued for almost an hour and they were told to go back and they will send the goodies bag to them.

Video on how they distribute the goodies bag.

There was no medical tent at the finishing area. I had endured my cramped legs without any medical assistance. I saw a lady who injured her palms as she fell down. She was bleeding and she told me she couldn’t find any medical assistance. We were shocked.

As we wanted to back to the grandstand area, we were asked to go the connecting tunnel.

Another picture taken from Facebook, thousands are made to queue on this narrow tunnel.

Imagine 10,000 participants are allowed to cramp into the tunnel which is stuffy and minimal ventilation. I saw a few Indian girls sitting under the stair gasping for air. The tunnel is very narrow and the organizer expects at least 5000 people to walk across. Some people walk across the road and climb to the grandstand area. Again, no marshal is manning there. Someone could fall down or something there.

Throughout the race, there is not even a race marker. I pity the 21km and 42km runners as they were running around like headless chickens. I could understand why there were so many runners so frustrated by the organizer.

One last issue, the announcer asked participants to watch Transformers at the open area but there are no chairs there so there are some people sit on the floor like beggars. Badly organized.

To be frank, if I knew the race is such life risking, I would NOT even join the race. It is hard to believe an international brand such as Energizer could hire a joker event company to manage such a huge event. I hope they pray there were no huge injuries or incidents during the race. Now, I hope they can mail my goodies bag as they announced as well as compensating my flashlights. I hope everyone that participated in good health. Thank you for reading!

Updated On 18/4/2011

The latest update, the organizer posted this on her facebook.


Did she just called us hooligans? Instead of putting together a safe event, she called us hooligans. Well, let’s see how Energizer will responds to this.

Malay Mail Online reports on the Energizer Night Run on 18th April 2011

Lastly, Energizer Night Run Page offers the olive branch on 2pm 18th April 2011.

On 21st April 2011, Energizer gives a full commitment to end the issue once and for all with the statement below:

*Energizer Malaysia have refunded all the racers the participation fees as well as the goodies bags. Both items were sent in mass and we received by 27th May 2011. Hereby, Energizer Malaysia has resolved this issue. Thank you.*