Swimming Pool in the Jungle at Permai Rainforest Resort

Swimming Pool in the Jungle at Permai Rainforest Resort

There are many places yet to be explored in Malaysia. One of them is the swimming pool in the jungle. It is not a myth or a legend as it is the swimming pool of Permai Rainforest Resort in Kuching.

Permai Rainforest Resort is an eco-resort located 25 km away from Kuching. It is located on the shores of the South China Seat and set foot at the mystical Mount Santubong. As it is an eco-resort, many of its facilities offer a unique rainforest experience and that includes its swimming pool.

In my traveling years, I never seen a swimming pool built in the middle of the jungle before. This is indeed an eye opener.

I didn’t manage to dip or swim when I stumbled upon the swimming pool but the guests seem to love it. As it is built in the middle of the rainforest, the tall trees with dense leaves give a perfect natural shade to this swimming pool.

I’m not sure whether the pool is open to public but I saw many people in the pool. You can bring towels and clothes as there is a beach near the resort. It will be blissful to dip in the swimming pool with rainforest around you.

If you love nature and want a memorable eco-resort getaway, you should be looking at the contacts below to book your holiday soon. Now there is something fun to stay in Kuching!

Permai Rainforest Resort Address, Contact and Tel:

Pantai Damai Santubong,

Jalan Sultan Tengah,

93050 Kuching,

Sarawak, MALAYSIA.

Tel: +6082 846487 or +6082 846490

Email: reserve@permairainforest.com