Playboy Club Sands Macao has closed down

Playboy Club Sands Macao has closed down

My attempt to visit a Playboy Club is yet to accomplish after recently I got to know that Playboy Club Sands Macao has closed down. There is a little information on the Internet about the closure of the second Playboy club in the world. When I got the news while I was on the plane to Macau, I was devastated. Maybe it is fated for me to take me a longer time to see the Playboy bunnies but the closure of Playboy Club Sands Macao is definitely shocking news.

Opened in November 2010, Playboy Club Macao located in Sands Macao with stunning views of the Macau skyline. From the words of my friends who visited the club, they were singing praises and also enjoy the Playboy Club experience. Playboy Club is a lifestyle club for couples (not just for men) and there are definitely nothing hanky panky about it.

I might not plot my next trip for a Playboy Club but it will go down to my bucket list for sure. Even though Playboy Club Sands Macao has closed down for good, I still enjoyed my trip to Macau with trilling shows, good food and relaxing accommodation. Playboy Club Sands Macao closed down in 2013.

*Air Asia flies from Kuala Lumpur to Macau three times daily, from Bangkok to Macau four times daily and from Chiang Mai to Macau daily.