Is Travel Insurance Compulsory for travellers to Thailand?

Is Travel Insurance Compulsory for travellers to Thailand?

According to a news report by BangkokPost yesterday, all foreign tourists will soon be required to have travel insurance before entering Thailand under a proposal put forward by a committee of the Tourism and Sports Ministry, according to an informed source.

Central Embassy of Thailand.

The main reason for this proposal is because hospitals in Thailand have until now often been left carrying the cost of medical treatment of tourists injured during their stay in Thailand and who have no means to pay their bills.

This is still under a proposal stage so nothing is confirmed yet.

In our opinion, travel insurance is a must regardless where you travel. We bought our travel insurance annually as we travelled quite often. Most airlines websites offer single trip travel insurance which didn’t’ cost much.

Please take note that travel insurance allows you to claim flight delays*, lost or damage luggage, theft* and also hospital bills. Once we got food poisoning in Seoul, our clinic consultation bills add up to over RM 200 and thank god, we purchased travel insurance. If we get hospitalised, it will cost at least four digits and above. So regardless whether travel insurance is compulsory for travellers to Thailand, always purchase one to protect yourself.

Is Travel Insurance Compulsory for travellers to Thailand? The answer is no but we encourage all travellers to have a travel insurance policy when you travel.