January 29, 2023

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Ulu Tupai Nature Retreat in Taiping Perak Preview

Now, this is a new hidden gem for nature lovers for weekend getaway or a chillax vacation. Ulu Tupai Nature Retreat is a new nature homestay located in Taiping Perak. There are not many people knows about this place in Taiping even the locals.

Ulu Tupai Nature Retreat in Taiping Perak

There is a story behind this nature resort in Taiping. On 1st June 2017, we read a very sad story on this resort and this is posted by William Cheah on his Facebook posting.

Kena tipu!!

“Bukan sekali, bukan dua kali, tapi sudah tiga kali kena tipu. Sekarang modal semua sudah hilang. Wang untuk Raya pun tiada”.

This is Pak Man and his wife, Makcik Jamilah. They are the owners of a hidden paradise in Ulu Tupai, Taiping. They are helped by their son in law, Man. Pak Man suffers from bad gout, and Makcik Jamilah had stroke before and can’t use her left hand. That’s bad enough for most people but that hasn’t stopped them from trying their best. But the world until now, has not been kind nor fair to them.

Pak Man is now 64 years old while his wife is 67. They are at an age where people would have retired and enjoying their golden years. But their lot isn’t that easy.

This nature retreat is beautiful due to its seclusion. They don’t know how to market it or use it’s potential. They eke a poor living out of it.

I was astounded when they told me they built it with their own hands. It was so sturdy.

But the sad part is this. The angry part at least for me. For seeing the ugliness of humans.

Just 2 weeks ago they were cheated for the third time by a friend of theirs who also happened to be someone we met before. And that wiped them out.

Their friend had become their new partner. Supposed to help them market the place, manage and upgrade the facilities. They managed to get a booking for 50 nature lovers. Ironically people we know too. I know they went and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

What I didn’t know was that this friend of theirs took the money from these 50 people and then promptly disappeared. When he was finally contacted, he said he wasn’t interested anymore.

What I didn’t know was that this friend asked Pak Man to spend whatever he had in his savings to upgrade the place as best as could and he would refund Pak Man. He even promised Pak Man he would be bringing things like beds and equipment before the guests would come. He, like the promised furniture, never turned up. And neither did the money.

But to let you understand what an honourable man Pak Man is, he managed to scrounge up enough money to buy sufficient food supplies for the 50 guests. He was advised to ignore those guests because the booking wasn’t done by him. His answer?

“Ini tempat saya. Bukan salah mereka yang nak datang dan sudah membayar. Kita mesti menjaga tetamu kita”.

And that is what he did although it cost him everything he had left. Luckily too he had some friends who chipped in.

When Hanafi Hanafinoor approached me last week and asked for help, YiLyn Chan and I didn’t know the full story. We thought we would go and see what we could do to help. We bought along some food supplies like rice and bedding materials. Whatever Babybear could carry to the max. We thought that was all we could do.

Pak Man shed tears. Makcik Jamilah kept saying thank you.

To make an already long story short, we have agreed with both Hanafi and Pak Man to be their new partner. Our role will be to help them administer and promote their place. We will become their sole booking partner. We will also urgently be involved in upgrading their facility through volunteer work and public support.

These things we have pledged under Kembara Events Management Sdn Bhd. Because these guys deserve better luck for all the sacrifice they have put in. Because this beautiful place deserves to be shared and protected at the same time. Because we fell in love with it.

So if you suddenly see a deluge of requests for volunteers, funds, old furniture, electrical equipment and definitely… promotional photographs of this place, don’t be shocked. We never do things half heartedly.

This is Ulu Tupai – Nature Retreat par excellence. Welcome my friends to our labour of love and heart.

After reading the story by William Cheah, we started to contact YiLyn Chan of Kembara Events Management who is also a friend of Rachel as we wanted to promote this place via our blog. We hope by blogging about this place, more people will aware of this nature homestay and it can help Pak Man and his family.

The beautiful waterfall of Ulu Tupai.

Kembara Events Management team on the mean time is helping Pak Man to upgrade his place and also set up an official Facebook Page and hope they can generate income as soon as possible for Pak Man for this Raya.

The pictures of Ulu Tupai Nature Retreat are taken by YiLyn Chan and we posted with her permission.

Nature at its best.

What we understand about this place is, this is truly a hidden gem in Taiping and probably in Malaysia. The water here is clean and crystal clear. If you are into nature, this is the place you can visit in groups.

This is paradise in Malaysia.

Here are their latest promotion and it is only for the month of Ramadan.

Available only for stays from 10th June 2017 to 20th June 2017.

Below are the packages which are inclusive of all meals, accommodation, facilities and tours (Save up to RM200 per person)

2 days one night:
– Minimum 4 pax @ RM380/pax (Total RM1520)
– 5 pax to 10 pax @ RM350/pax
– 11 pax to 20 pax @ RM330/pax

3 days 2 nights
– Minimum 4 pax @ RM500/pax (total RM2000)
– 5 pax to 10 pax @ RM430/pax
– 11 pax to 20 pax @ RM400/pax

2 days 1 night package includes:
2 lunch, 1 tea session, 1 BBQ Dinner (Riverside) and 1 breakfast. Tour to 1 waterfall. Unlimited snacks, tea, coffee, mineral water. Local fruits depending on availability.

3 days 2 nights package includes:
3 lunch, 2 tea sessions, 1 BBQ Dinner (Riverside), 1 Dinner, 2 breakfasts. Tour to 2 waterfalls. Unlimited snacks, tea, coffee, mineral water. Local fruits depending on availability.

*For those who are fasting, changes in menu will be done and provided for Sahur and Iftar as necessary. Also note that a cabin has been set aside as a prayer room.

Check in time: 12pm
Check out time: 4pm

We hope by blogging this story, this will help Pak Man and his family getting back to their feet. You have seen the actual pictures of the place and they are still upgrading the homestay at the moment.

Crystal clear water at Ulu Tupai.

For more information on future promotions, photos and pricing, please visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/ulutupairetreat

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