October 2, 2023


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The Real Subway: New York Subway Experience

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The Real Subway New Yorker Subway Experience, NYC ,USA

There’s no better place to experience New York than its subway. I’m not talking the food franchise Subway but the real subway.

Often I heard stories about the New Yorker subway and it could be a waste not hopping to one of them.

Instead of taking the yellow cab back to our hotel, Husni and I decided to give the subway a try. The first impression I have was the station was pretty old. Despite the nice signage at the entrance, the subway station has seen its best years. The station gave a 70s atmosphere and it looks exactly the same from the movies we watched in cinemas.

After getting our tickets, we missed one of the trains. It was alright as we had spare time to kill.

Before getting on the subway, always read the map. Trust me the subway network system is confusing for a first timer like me. It wasn’t user friendly. We stick to the colours and I asked a few passengers to guide us.

Within the train, it’s similar to most of the trains throughout the world. However, in one of the stops, there was someone who came up to sell packets of tissue to finance his dream to study in Italy. Most of the passengers paid him as it would be a different case in Malaysia.

With the help of a passenger, we reached the destination station. It was a nice little train ride!
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