March 25, 2023

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The Visit to Phi Phi Island : 3 Months After 2004 Tsunami

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The Visit to Phi Phi Island : 3 Months After 2004 Tsunami

The 2004 tsunami killed thousands across Asia and Africa. The destruction caused by the tsunami impacted millions of people up to today. Sadly, Phi Phi Island off Phuket and Krabi was one of the infected areas.

Rachel and I and a few friends went to Phi Phi Island 3 months after the event. While many strikes fear of going there, we enjoyed the Phuket Island trip.

Beautiful Phi Phi Island

This was me back then and fellow friend Jerry

Rachel giving a peace sign as we reaching Phi Phi Island
We hopped on the small boat and sailed to Phi Phi Island. We had lunch there with the beautiful sandy beach of Phi Phi Island. Most of the resorts were still rebuilding and the beach was clean and beautiful. The white sands were smooth and we couldn’t stop ourselves for dipping into the crystal clear water.

The white sandy beach of Phi Phi Island: 3 months after 2004 tsunami

It was amazing how they manage to rebuild everything so fast in Phi Phi Island and Phuket Island. The Thais really worked together to bring back the tourism to the islands. My salute to them!

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