February 5, 2023

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Kok Beng Chicken Rice at Taiping, Perak

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Kok Beng Chicken Rice at Taiping

I love eating around and during my last work trip to Taiping, I was told there was this restaurant served one of the finest chicken rice in Malaysia. Well, carrying such high impression, we went there. I wasn’t impressed seriously. The food is good or can rate it better, but not the best. There are better chicken rice shops in KL. They deserve a great chicken rice shop tag but for the finest tag is very subjective. Either way you should give this restaurant a try and rate it your way.

1 thought on “Kok Beng Chicken Rice at Taiping, Perak

  1. You are not alone. I went there today and the food was horrendous. In fact I feel so dirty about going there I was compelled to comment on this outrageously price and bad chicken rice place wherever I see it on the net. Talk about misinformation. I don’t know about the whole thing, but why not we hypothesize as to how this place gained its eminence.

    So, there is a suaku (Hokkien for dipshit) out there who has a taste bud dysfunction. He gets picked on in class due to the problem. So now that he’s in charge of the “pick the top 10 chicken rice stalls in Malaysia” he knows this is his big break to exact vengeance on the world at large. So he misguides everyone to all the wrong places to eat in Malaysia, so that at night in his private quarters he can have a hearty laugh about the whole mess while sipping his boring Oolong.

    If you really think about it, you’ll see that the truth is probably not far from this made-up story.

    BTW my neck still feel sore from coming out of the accursed place. First time getting chopped like this in Taiping, where there’s no shortage for decent chicken rice. Funny how hordes of sheep would just walk in every day thinking they’re getting their money’s worth. Pity.

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