October 1, 2023


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Malacca’s Chicken Rice Balls at Chung Wah Coffee Shop

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Malacca’s Chicken Rice Balls at Chung Wah Coffee Shop

The infamous Malacca’s chicken rice balls!

My dad comes from Malacca so I have a bit of history going on with Malacca. Well, obviously I like the foods there. If you go to Malacca and you missed chicken rice balls, you never been to Malacca. Theres a few nowadays in Malacca but one of the famous spot will be Chung Wah Coffee Shop, just around the corner of the Stadhuys building. Its always packed during weekends due to tourists mainly from other states and Singapore. The nice part of chicken rice balls is its easy to eat. I mean like you can eat it just like it with chicken of course. On top of that, they have other side dishes available as well. Its a nice place to go to eat when you are in Malacca, something different. Price is reasonable, not too much even though there’s always tourists. Anyways, its good to ask before you order, right?

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  1. i found a new chicken rice ball in melaka, which seving good food and reasonable price, with aircond and good service too….maybe they are new, but new doesn’t mean is not good, so i give it a try and i never regret for my trying…coz i will go there in the future even. thy sell nyonya pongteh chicken, so while eating the chicken rice ball u even can try the nyonya taste also. they even sell indonesia tauhu telor which i never eat and see b4, well taste great also….. so nxt time if anyone go to melaka and wana try the chicken rice ball, y not go to this place:

    Title: Jonker Street Chicken Rice Ball
    Add: 17, Loring Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka
    Tel: 06-2847377
    website: http://www.jonkerchickenriceball.com

    i got their name card, that’s y i can provide their information and share with everyone who’d like to go melaka having nice and good food

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