May 20, 2024


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Pork pork pork @ Elcerdo , KL

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Porkie Lisa?

Even the paper bag is so cute….
Comfortable place…
Need a good beer to go with the pork…

The nice stuffs….
TThe bacon that melts in your mouth, finally I got the meaning after trying it.

Bacon roll….
Pork chop!!!
Awesome pork ribs….

The frog…. don’t ask me why….
Potatoes that goes along with the suckling pig…

The star of the day….
The plate cutting tradition….

Nicely cut!
The plate throwing tradition for either luck or money!

Here comes the bucket!!

There goes the plates!!

With the sauce….
Finale with the desert….

I never had such feast with so much pork in a meal. It was pretty good. The entree bacon or ham slice? was awe. It really melts in your mouth in a way, coz it was so thin. It blends well with bread and the salad. The rest was good as well, the bacon roll, the pork chop, the ribs was awe as well and the frog, I had no idea why its there. The main star the suckling pig was a bit different. As a chinese, I had a lot of suckling pig ala Chinese style before, so eating this style gives me a bit of different taste. The pig was superbly crispy, a bit fat and the meat is tender. It goes very well with the sauce. For the taste, its very much different. The desert was quite interesting. A mixture of strawberry, ice-cream and pepper. The feast basically was pretty good with interesting activity like plate throwing. For the whole feast, a person dig up around RM 300. Full stop.

43&45 Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200, KL

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  1. This is definitely the best suckling pig I had. Imagine the pork bath in the white wine for 2 days and then roasted for 4 hours. NYUM!

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