April 20, 2024


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Dynasty Restaurant @ Renaissance Hotel KL

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I’ve been here a few times for dinner… It didn’t disappoint me so far…

In a 5 stars hotel, the interior is no lesser than 5 stars…

A very Chinese style based design…

The seafood pot….

“Tong Por” Pork pot with buns..

The lovely fried crispy buns, soft inside…

The vege….

I love this cod fish….

Salted Duck Egg Prawn Rolls, my sis fav….

Like usual, our fav, Roasted Suckling Pig…

Homemade Tau Foo Far dessert…

Its always a lovely restaurant, as we normally chat with the captain here. The service here is always outstanding. Located at the New World Wing of the Hotel, it offers great Chinese Foods on the pricy side. Prepare to pay at least RM 50 per head for a good luxurious meal, depending on what you ordered. Its a quiet place to have dinner and the service is outstanding.

Renaissance Hotel KL

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  1. wow..this restaurant look great..the enviroment is very nice..and the food look tasty too..but sure the pricing is at a higher standard too

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