June 24, 2024


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Chicken Rice Noodle Soup @ Restoran Kakak, Taiping

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Many knows about Ipoh famous Chicken Rice Noodle, but few might know that Taiping also got their own!

With the help of local friend, I managed to track down this restaurant, Restoran Kakak. Since its just a walk away from our hotel, we went there and checked it out…

We reached there around 8 am and the crowd was already building…

Busy preparing food…

The other stuffs that I side ordered…

The main dish… Chicken Rice Noodle Soup…

The nice thing about Taiping is the people there are friendly. Even though they knew we are outsiders, they never overcharged us. The food is good and affordable also. One plate is easily around RM 3 or less. I think its good to have a light meal like this for breakfast.

No.111 Jalan Pasar,

0 thoughts on “Chicken Rice Noodle Soup @ Restoran Kakak, Taiping

  1. wow… from you blog…
    you really go every where to eat… GENG!

    So every time you eat, you take photo, got ppl look at you boh?

  2. Yes. This is the favourite spot for me and most taiping kakis. At night will be opposite of Wing Kong. The bosses daughter Anne plays badminton with me during school days. Taiping Boleh! I will be there on Dec 16 for Taiping Badminton Open. See yah!

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