February 9, 2023

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La La Chong Seafood Restaurant at Subang

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Everyone seems to know this place.

La la Chong, the old Subang Airport there “maaa”….

Personally, I had been there less than 5 times. Well, as I live quite far from there and not because the food there are not good.

We went there a few months back and we wanted to order something different.
We ordered crabs and we wanted it plain “baked”.

The crab baked plainly to ensure the freshness lovely taste of the meat…

The vege…
The octopus…..
“Asam” fish….
Well, the infamous “superior soup” lala…

Personally I love crabs and plain grilled crabs are least “flavoured” but maintain the originality of the taste. Asam fish was good. The “sotong” more like a finger food, sweet…. La la is so la la..
How could I describe the “main” dish of the restaurant? Soup was good….
Price is affordable… Service was good and place well… lala chong “lor”…

I will visit again for more lovely seafood and the lala…

Lot 6824, Terminal 3, Subang
Tel: 03-7859 1906

1 thought on “La La Chong Seafood Restaurant at Subang

  1. yo bro .. u should order the lamb , macro/ mekro fish.. ( don know how to spell it laa ). this is the reccommandation dishes.

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