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Noodle On Fire @ Restoran Fat Mum Seafood, Langkawi

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Noodle On Fire @ Restoran Fat Mum Seafood, Langkawi

When I was in Langkawi, we were in search of good seafood. Harbour Park was one of our favourites but since we were staying at Pantai Tengah, we scouted around for a good place to eat. We passed by this Restoran Fat Mum Seafood a numerous time with the Vios we rented. So on one of the evenings, we drove in and checked the menu and we decided to give it a try…

We were seated at this 2 storey stand alone building… A woman came out and served us and we knew she’s the fat mum (coz she was fat).

We ordered our food and the first dish was the “Noodle on Fire”…

“Self proclaimed” to be the “first in Langkawi”, the noodle was indeed on fire…Whooaaa!!

It was a lovely “Man” Yee Mee…. Lovely dish… Must try!!

Then, she recommended something called “Fruit basket”…. she dared us saying we never had such dish before and she was right… It was pretty good…

It’s similar to yam basket but this made from potato…. she was cheeky…

Homemade Taufu….


“Kam Hiong” Crabs…

Steamed Tiger Prawns with special sauce…

The food was pretty good especially the noodle on fire and the fruit basket. The feast plus beers, fruit drinks and so on only cost less than RM 200. The restaurant has been around for more than 10 years so the place is a bit old. There is a big sign you can see from the main road. The place is usually packed. I will go back there again if I’m going to Langkawi again. I loved their good foods and their innovative food menus…


Noodle On Fire @ Restoran Fat Mum Seafood, Langkawi Contact, Tel and Address:

734, Jln Teluk Baru, Kg Tasik Anak,
07000 Langkawi, Kedah D.A.
Mr Raymond Chong : 012-489 1923
Voice : 04-955 9882
Fax : 04-955 7268
E-mail : [email protected]

0 thoughts on “Noodle On Fire @ Restoran Fat Mum Seafood, Langkawi

  1. I went there on 28/07/14. The food quality was average but was too overly price. There were only two of us and it costed more than RM 140 for a teo chew steamed fish, kam heong crabs (only two), a plate of fried vege, hot plate tofu and one glass of orange juice. The most dishonest part was: 10% service charge was added to the bill??? When I questioned the cashier, she replied impatiently: we always impose service charge here!
    I totally do not recommend this restaurant to anyone and there are plenty better seafood restaurants in Langkawi!

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