July 21, 2024


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Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks at The Gardens

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Few months back there was a craze on the Taiwanese style XXL fried chicken. It was even sold in night markets with a few different types of style. I was thinking a bit whether to review this or not since it has became a franchise now. Well, I guessed why not.

See the franchise word??

I would say Shihlin’s XXL Chicken would feel your tummy….

I find the Oyster Mee Suah a bit salty…

The Egg Crepe to me as well just so so..

I would still say the XXL Crispy Chicken is my hot favourite. The rest is just moderate. However, if you in need of snack, this place is an option…

0 thoughts on “Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks at The Gardens

  1. After you ate it long , u’ll find it gets abit dry instead.

    You should go Taiwan and try it, its even better XX times and cheaper.

  2. XXL crispy Chicken.. really big, and got long queue of buyers.. is it taste nice? I eventually bought it, OK lo. I think ‘Ho zai jin’ and ‘big hotdog wrap hotdog’ are good 🙂 Nice visit to Taiwan huh!

  3. i can get the chicken and the mee suah down the road in 1 of the chinese coffee shops. i prefer the chicken than the mee suah

    1. i dun see any xxl crispy chicken sell in any of the chinese coffee shop other than uncle bob and i personally think that uncle bob quality is uncertain some stall is nice some is thumb down…

  4. yeah, right! taiwan’s is nicer ALOT! i like the tempura most=)
    btw, i hate chicken breast meat, so i dont really likey the XXL chicken lar..

  5. Hi there. what a nice review and picture. =) may i know is it HALAL? if it is would love to give it a try.looks so yummy.

      1. Super Wilson: not necessary if there is BIG Logo paste there,the things are confirmed halal…better u check again…aTyQaH aLi:why don’t you try to search for halal directory…than u will know whether it is hala or vice versa…

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