March 24, 2023

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“Vintage” Sweet Potato Porridge @ Chop Sam Guan, Malacca

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My dad is from Malacca and I used to spend my time in Malacca when I was young. I still remember there were lots of good foods in Malacca and being that reason, I am what I am now (my size).

The place is at Jalan Jawa off Jalan Bunga Raya. Its a one way street from the main Jalan Bunga Raya.
The alley should looks like this… (I am standing in front of the shop facing the alley from Jalan Bunga Raya).

The place is called Chop Sam Guan… given the look of it, it should be there at least 30-40 years…

The variety of side order dishes available for the porridge…

Look at the place, “vintage” right??

We ordered almost everything…. from Chilli fish, Soy sauce chicken and Yam with meat….

If noticed, the porridge is cooked with sweet potato… its my first time eating such porridge and its naturally sweet…

Grilled Chilli Fish with lime…

Spicy Lala…

See the beancurd?? That’s nice as well…

The feast for 4….Yam, Tofu, Chicken, Fish, La la and Pork….

Why do I name this place “vintage” porridge? There’s a big reason. Its located at a very old alley. The row of shops in this alley are “old school” shops.

Behind this shop is the beautiful Melaka River.

The “vintage” hardware shops…

This barber shop is classic, look at the glass and chair… I bet this are from my dad’s era…

Remember this??

Back to the food…. The feast cost us less than RM 30. Yes, less than RM 30! The food were good and we had a good chat with the people there, great service! I will go back again if I’m in Malacca.

Jalan Jawa,

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