February 21, 2024


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La Bodega Deli at Bangsar

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It has been ages since I stepped into La Bodega. I was looking for a good brunch and it was indeed a good one..


The Club Sandwich…


La Bodega’s Famous Cheese Burger…




Flat white…


I loved the famous cheese burger… the thought of it already makes me hungry. Club sandwich was good either. I loved the bacon. Rachel always loved flat white. Flat white only available at limited places. We enjoyed flat white in our times in Australia.

The service here is excellent and we paid around RM 2x per pax. To me, good food worth the money, not a problem.

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  1. indeed. flat white is very unheard in malaysia. how i miss it. the nearest they have is cappucino but it’s still nothing like flat white. another coffee drink i like is mochacinno. they [the local baristas] have never heard of this before!


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