March 22, 2023

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MOF no Japanese Sweets & Coffee @ Pavilion

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I had passed by this place so many times and I kept promised myself to go there one day. Well, when a sign reads ” Japanese Sweets & Coffee”, its quite obvious this is a desert cafe. After that lovely porridge I had in Crystal Jade, we went there to check out this place…

Macha Zen…Hokkaido red beans (I assume the beans from Hokkaido ok) with Green Tea Japanese Low Fat Gelato Ice Cream and Japanese Dumpling…

The red beans are too sweet to me, ice cream and dumpling is okay to me…

Shiratama Kurian, kantan jelly, fruits and ice cream….

Okay not too bad… healthy I assume…

Macha Imo, not macha EMO… green tea sauce, ice cream, red bean and Japanese sweet potato…

This is my favourite! A must try! The sweet potato is awe!

I guess now many would understand why I gain weight lately. I had been massacaring food like no tomorrow. The past few weeks have been really mad to me, almost everyday eat here and there. There are still quite a number of places that I just to post. Check out later for more food stuffs…

4 thoughts on “MOF no Japanese Sweets & Coffee @ Pavilion

  1. ooOOHH i’ve always wanted to try out this place bcoz everytime i walk past it, the smell gets to meeeee and makes me salivate. haha

  2. Hi Su Lin,

    I believe I’ve met you somewhere before and was introduced by a friend. Probably bar club and the loft, or somewhere .. Congrats on ur winning =)

  3. Thanks for coming and hope you enjoyed our desserts at MOF. Please ignore the previous comment tho, accident.

    Victor Tan

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