December 7, 2023


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Chinese Dim Sum at Hong Min, MBK, Bangkok, THAILAND

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I believe in luck sometimes. I was randomly picking a restaurant when I was in MBK. I bumped to this Chinese restaurant, Hong Min. Since, I’m not a big fan of spicy food and I loved dim sum so much, I decided to try out this place.

I ordered 3 plates (since I’m eating alone). There’s a plate of the prawn dish was quite interesting. There’s a quail egg inside the dim sum. That was my first time eating such dim sum. The sauce was special as well. Instead of sweet sauce in Malaysia, they provide 2 sauces, soy sauce and a yellow sauce (I suspect ginger). I ordered Char Siew Bau also! But just so so, nothing amazing. The dim sum was cheap, 30Baht per plate and it was pretty good. However, I realized they are famous for other Chinese foods as well. Too bad, I only got 1 tummy, if not I would try the rest.

Great service, good food and great pricing. They have 6 more other outlets in Bangkok.

Level 3, MBK Center
Tel- 02-611-543

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