January 28, 2023

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Chinese Seafood @ Langat Seafood & Beer Garden, Pekan Hulu Langat, Selangor, MALAYSIA

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2008 Christmas Eve was a special one. Unlike the rest that had party here and there, I went to food hunting. To make things interesting, we went for seafood in a jungle. Joyce took me and Rachel to this jungle place. Its at right at the heart of Pekan Hulu Langat. From my place in Cheras about 20-30 min journey. I told Joyce, this place must be good.

We started off with vege… then their we ordered their “butter prawns with tong fun in claypot”… The sauce was magnificently thick and the prawns were fresh. This dish needed to wait for a while for the sauce to be blended with the tong fun. Great stuff!

We also orderd their famous tau fu. The tau fu will then cooked in their special sauce. Lastly we ordered a steamed fish in claypot. This could be the first time I eat a fish cooked in this method. Fish will be steamed inside claypot and then mixed with the sauce.

Even though its a beer garden but we didn’t manage to drink any beer. Since it was Christmas eve, the restaurant is not packed as it used to be.

Believe it or not, the whole feast only cost us lessed than RM 100!! The service was good, food was good and the price was good. However, location a bit not too good, too deep in the jungle!


Lot 100, Jalan Sungai Sop, Batu 14,

Pekan Hulu Langat, Selangor

Tel: 03-9021 7215/6

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