May 21, 2024


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Mexican Food @ Las Carretas. USJ (Jan 09)

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Mexican foods are rare in KL. Except they gonna have something like Taco Bell or something.

I was “kidnapped” to Las Carrestas in USJ last month by a couple. The intention of going there ignited when we “missed” a birthday party there last year. Since we were very late, we were served with nachos and ordered a margarita. Nachos were good (signs of our hungryness)…

We also shared a Fajitas Chicken with Tortilla Fritas. Its basically you wrapped everything (like “popiah”) and eat it all together. Yummyness very good!

Lastly, we ordered 3 poppers. These 3 poppers are cheese wrapped with hot chillis. A bite of hot and creamy cheese is something new to me. Cheezy but hot! Lastly we shared a Mexican pizza called Tostadas Supremo. Thin crusted and it was pretty good.

The service was excellent with lots of recommendations. Price was reasonable. Food was good. A nice Mexican restaurant to try, decent…

29, Jln USJ 10/1F,
Tel: 03-56373058

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