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“Thai” Yee Sang @ Awet Thai Food Cafe (Jan 09)

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Some people often said that Cheras got lots of good foods. Well, I would agree to that if you know where to find. Basically its a very general term applies to everywhere. I was brought to here by my fellow friends celebrating pre-CNY last month. I passed by this cafe so many times.

We started with “Thai” Yee Sang, the difference is in the sauce. They changed the usual sweet sauce to Thai sweet sauce. Then we ordered some lovely prawn cakes. I must say that the prawn cakes were excellent, fried to crispiness-licous. We were also recommended for a “pork neck” dish. The meat itself a bit hard, fat-less. Some might love the chewiness of the meat of the pork, but I didn’t like it. The platter consist of prawn and fish cake, pandan chicken and thai salad. Salad was okay, prawn cake was excellent, fish cake was a bit salty and pandan chicken also a bit salty. The reason that the pandan chicken was salty maybe mainly too much garlic was used.
The vege dish was next. Green curry was okay. We ordered a Claypot Pork Knuckle. This was also another subjective dish. The uniqueness of this infamous dish was they added some sour taste to it. Some of my friends loved the bit of sourness, but I didn’t like it. Saba fish was next, saba fish was good.

Lastly, we ordered their Thai BBQ Salt Baked Fish, which uses Snakehead Fish (ikan haruan). A very unique dish and I loved it.

In general, food was good. Service was excellent. The feast cost around RM 320.

8 Jalan Kaskas 3
Taman Cheras (Yulek)
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-91319838

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