May 18, 2024


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Lam Mee @ Lammeeya, One Utama

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A new outlet at LG, One Utama new wing opposite Kluang Station cafe.

The restaurant itself looked clean. I was with my trainees so we gave it a try.


Andy ordered a Chicken Soup Kuey Teow. Whoaa… bubbles!! The soup for this was a bit flat, tasteless.


The “hot item” Lam Mee was next. The Lam Mee paste was thick but the aroma was not that strong. It blended well with a bit of vinegar. Well, it didn’t serve with egg but with little prawn dim sum.


Yang ordered a Dry Curry Chicken Noodle. Well, the curry was thick and a bit spicy. Very deep in curry powder taste.


We also ordered Foo Cheok and Fried Dumplings. Foo Cheok was crispy. The filling was somehow least meat and not salty enough. Fried dumplings were the same as well. Not much fillings, but crispy.

A menu set is around RM 15. Food was average and service was good.

LG 333A, One Utama New Wing
Tel: 03-7727 4877

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  1. Wanted to go to Pudu’s infamous Lam Mee today but raining. The dishes looked good but taste was average.

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