April 15, 2024


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Wendy’s RM 6.99 Pack Review

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Thank you Wendy’s for invited me to taste their new RM 6.99 Menu.


I started with their RM 6.99 Spicy Fried Chicken with 3 nuggets and a soft drink. Chicken used here is not frozen, fresh I was told. The fried chicken was not too bad. I was surprised actually, I mean for a fried chicken from Wendy’s, its better than expected. Nuggets were okay.


I side ordered a Chocolate Frosty. Its not too bad, slightly sweet thick chocolate flavor. This goes well with kids.


Fries were okay. Nothing much. What would you expect from french fries?


Then, the other RM 6.99 set. The Cheeseburger came with 3 nuggets and soft drink in a set.


One thing for sure. The burger really came with a big huge piece of cheese! Size of the burger is slightly small, yet I would say many burgers lately has shrunk.


Well, the new menu is decent. However, I would prefer ordering their prawn burger. Loved it!

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