May 19, 2024


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Famous Chicken Kuey Teow and Beansprout at Restaurant Lou Wong Ayam Kuetiau Ipoh

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For very unusual reason, I seldom come to Ipoh. Not more than 10 times in my life. It’s just 2 hours drive from KL (Kuala Lumpur). Since I was in Ipoh last Saturday, I took my time to scout for the infamous chicken kuey teow and beansprout in Ipoh.

According to my working mates, this place is very popular. Mainly because of its presence since 1957! It has been operating for more than 50 years! That’s a long time for a restaurant.

Located a few turns from the Ipoh police station, asking around for Lou Wong would not be hard task.

We were there around 2pm and the crowd was still around. The place was packed. Looking around the place got me spotted a huge signs says ” The most famous in town”.

We ordered some fish and pork meat balls for starters.

Then, came the infamous beansprouts. Sources told me that, this beansprouts are grown using “hilltop fresh water”. Indeed, its not like the ordinary beansprouts I had before, it was fresh and tasty. The crunchiness of each bite was there. Lovely!

The chicken was next. Well, to me its decent. Blends well with the soy sauce and chili.

Kuey Teow was good as well. Probably because of the soup.

The service was excellent and we paid for less than RM 10 per pax. That’s very reasonable to me. The beansprouts were excellent, the rest was good.

I don’t mind coming back again.

49, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30300 Ipoh
Tel: +605-254 4199

0 thoughts on “Famous Chicken Kuey Teow and Beansprout at Restaurant Lou Wong Ayam Kuetiau Ipoh

  1. hey hey hey~i had been there b4!!!LOL!!!i wait for the AYAM from 3.30pm till 4+pm like dat~walao~in 30mins the shop is full of ppl de~

  2. heehe… dim sum 45+ for the quality and ambience you get.. ok la.. on top of that , those varieties u get also very unique.. haha once a while wont hurt much.. hehe

    anyway, apparently for the lou wong.. i heard that as nice as another shop d wor… well, i used to go to lou wong but… apparently there’s better one???

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