February 6, 2023

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Famous Lor Mee at Tiong Bahru Market Singapore

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This was an unexpected interesting find. I was at Singapore for a short working trip in March. I was staying at Riverview Hotel and they didn’t provide my breakfast for my hotel rates, so I had to go out to search for breakfast.

After asking around and walked for 20 min, I reached at this place called Tiong Bahru Market. I was told that they have a food court.

Looking for good food is always easy. Look for the stall that the most people queue up should be fine.

After looking around, I saw this stall with a huge long queue so then I checked it out. Apparently, it was a Lor Mee Stall. There were lots of newspaper write ups posted on the stall. I read a few of it and then I started to queue up. In minutes, I got myself the famous Lor Mee.

Excitedly and I took my spoon and tasted the paste. It was rather starchy but the taste was good. There’s no lack of flavours. Interesting enough, they put garlic in the Lor Mee. With that, I mixed it all together. The noodle blends very well with the thick paste. There were also no lack of ingredients. It comes with various dumplings, meat and egg. From a mere $3.00, this Lor Mee was a steal. I could never imagine I could get such pricing in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

Well, after filling up my tummy, I felt lucky because I had a good lor mee.

Its very much recommended!

Tiong Bahru Food Court (look for the queue)
Tiong Bahru Market

2 thoughts on “Famous Lor Mee at Tiong Bahru Market Singapore

  1. My goodness I think I was staying near by this place on my previous adventure in Singapore, this place is not far from China town, I think i will drop by in a couple of weeks time as i am heading to Singapore again yuppie!

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