February 7, 2023

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Famous Seaside Jimbaran Grilled Seafood at Dewata Cafe Jimbaran, BALI

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Famous Seaside Jimbaran Grilled Seafood @ Dewata Cafe, Jimbaran, BALI

Jimbaran is a popular beach side in Bali and an ideal place for sunset viewing. Hence the place is also famous for its fresh seafood. It is one of the must visit places for sunset seaside dining. Bus loads of tourists usually packed the restaurants in Jimbaran.

Going to Jimbaran for sunset beach side dinner was always in our plan. It has one of the most romantic sunset view in Bali. Just imagine, me and Rachel sitting on the beach side, listening to live band overlooking the sunset and drinking the coconuts and having the amazing seafood. It’s a moment in a lifetime.

BUT it DIDN’T happen!

Due to unforeseen planning error, we missed the sunset. We spent too much time at Ubud area so we didn’t make it in time. Sigh.

We reached Jimbaran late. Yet, we still excited about the amazing seafood restaurants there. Our guide brought us to Dewata Cafe. It was one of the restaurants that streched along the beach.

Upon reaching, I wasted no time to look at their menu and their pricing. From there, I started something that I often do best, negotiating.

Tips here. I spoke with them in Malay language. Once they knew we are Malaysians, more discounts. They were reluctant at first to give me more discounts. I just told them that I was told they were the best restaurant in Jimbaran and they were “specifically” recommended by my friends. After listening to that. they straight away gave me more than 20% discount on foods. It was a white lie, but it worked! I left there with an evil smirking and my friends knew I had a great deal.

Tiger (the guy in pink) then started to pick the foods for our dinner while the rest chilled at the beach side listening to live bands.

Looked at the charcoal! It was scorching hot. Do you know that charcoal grilled food are much tastier than conventional grill?

The grilled squid shrunk in size.

The grilled prawns we ordered and everyone loved it. It was fresh and grilled to perfection. You must order the prawns if you are here. Fantastic!

The grilled fish was equally good and it was covered with their own spicy sauce and best taken after you sprinkled the fish with lime.

Well, lastly we had the grilled clamps. This clamps were the hard shell clamps and usually popular with Asians.

The group shot with the live band behind with cool breezing wind.

In general, the food was pretty good. I loved their grilled seafood. The seafood were pretty fresh and the service was good as well. Price for the whole dinner was around 650,000 RP. It was very reasonable. Yet, please do negotiate the price before you order. Sitting at the beach side was very relaxing and too bad we missed the ultimate sunset.

I would come back again for the food and the sunset.

Dewata Cafe, Jimbaran Address & Map:

Kedonganan Beach St.

Tel: (0361) 704050

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