December 7, 2023


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Seafood at Ah Pek Lee Kou Hock Seafood Sitiawan

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This will be a series of Setiawan and Lumut food sessions I had in late March. I was working in Lumut for 5 days and I visited a few restaurants there.

Finding a nice place to dine was not easy. There’s so many seafood restaurants in Setiawan, which is the better ones?

So then, I asked a coffee shop owner near my hotel and he recommended us “Ah Pek”. Which his proper directions, we managed to locate the place.

It was around 8 pm and we were the last customer. We spoke to the owner and he recommended a few dishes for us.


Firstly, the asam steamed fish.Before even I started to eat I realized the presentation of this food was so awful. Even though this is a Chinese restaurant in a town, I believed they could put just a little bit more of efforts on the presentation of the food. The asam style here was quite different than the ones we had in Kuala Lumpur. The sourish assam taste was strong but lacked of the spicyness. Only slight hints of chilli and lacked of general taste. However, credits to the freshness of the fish.


Fried Calamari was next. It wasn’t that crispy. Taste was okay. But as usual, fried stuffs like this are usually snapped up fast.


The “kam heong” style crabs was a combination of meat crabs and flower crabs. The owner promised us that the flower crabs meat would be tender, he wasn’t lying. The crab meat was fresh but the taste of “kam heong” was too strong. Too much curry powder taste and lacked of chili taste.


Another fried food, the fried oyster omelette. Probably the best dish of the night. I always loved fried oyster omelette. The taste was good, it was little bit crispy and it was addictive. Good one!


We also had “la la” in special soup. Yet, again the soup lacked of taste. It was quite plain. The la la was definitely overcooked. The la la meat was too stiff.

Maybe Setiawan folks loved their foods in plainer taste, or we from Kuala Lumpur just used to heavier taste foods. The bill came to around RM 3xx.xx. I figured it was a bit pricy. The food was just average. We were a bit disappointed.


*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals.

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  1. Tried eating there and was disappointed. The owner was rather arrogant. Price for two crab comes to RM30!! Will not recommend anyone there. Taste was ok only.

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