January 27, 2023

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Amazing Guinness Pork Ribs at Restoran 52 Semenyih

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Semenyih is not just Notthingham University or Broga Hill. There’s more to that. Apparently the foods there were good as well. I was in Semenyih for a video shoot few weeks ago with my client and my crews.

I was recommended to Restoran 52 for its Guinness pork ribs by Ken Chan. Together with my client and crews, we went to search for this famous restaurant. Located just somewhere around a traffic light junction near the mosque (see map below), the restaurant itself its a single storey house converted restaurant. The place has its own parking compound. When we reached there, they told us they were closing. It was around 2 pm. I went in and had a short chat with the manager. She took our orders as the last order. It was very nice of her.

The sizzling beancurd came first. The beancurd came with minced meat, slight hints of salted fish and topped with spring onions on the hot plate. The beancurd was smooth and it blends well with the sauce. This was good and recommendable.

The special steamed fish was next. This dish was snapped up in minutes. This was recommended by the manager.

Lettuce with fermented beancurd was next. Lately, I have been ordering this dish quite often. The lettuce here was fresh and the taste here was light with a little bit of hints of chili. It was good.

The star of the day, the Guinness pork ribs. Pork ribs was stir fried with thick special Guinness sauce. The taste was a mixture of sweetness of sauce and the tenderness of the meat of the pork ribs. It was amazing. One of the best Guinness pork ribs I had in my life. Very recommendable!

In general, the food was very good. It was a good find. The bill came to RM 65.80, and it was very reasonable! The place was air conditioned and the service was good. Somewhere to consider when you in Semenyih?

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12 thoughts on “Amazing Guinness Pork Ribs at Restoran 52 Semenyih

  1. yes, this! still rmbr long ago this was featured in a food show, ho chak, i think.

    and til today, still yet to grasp where in the world's Semenyih. hahahah … near Cheras?

  2. Wow, one of the best you've eaten in your life? That should be really good. Sizzling bean curd looks good too. But Semenyih is kinda far. Thanks for introducing!

  3. i work in semenyih, love the curry fish head there. Been eating lunch there every month after meeting for the last 6 years. Recommend the balachan gai lan and salt and pepper chicken wings. Highly recommended!!

  4. j3kfm: Semenyih is near Kajang… 1/2 hour drive from kajang to be exact

    Rebecca: good luck!

    BBO: Camera bad angle 🙁

    Sugar Bean: One of the best "Guinness Pork Ribs"

  5. This restaurant is very good. There is another newly opened, located just a further of 200 meters from this restaurant. It also very good. You should try this restaurant (I forgot the name already) if you like Restaurant 52.

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